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Colours of Armenia

Mata Hari once said, ?Dance is a poem of which each movement is a word?. From the beginning of their journey, the Armenians have been through countless difficulties which they survived and overcame without losing their national identity. The perfect examples of this are the Armenian National Dances which are amongst the oldest in the Caucasus region. They reflect Armenia?s story by making the viewer a part of it. Watching these dances is like reading poetry about the history of Armenia and in dancing them, you feel what the Armenians felt:? their struggles through war and disaster, their strong Christian belief, their love of family and for their country and the joy of victory. Akhtamar Armenian Performance Group is a non-profit organisation, independent from any political affiliations. Formed and registered as a charity since June 2003, Akhtamar?s mission is to promote Armenian dance and music to the wider community through dance classes and performances. Arsen Zakaryan (Artistic Director) and Karine Avetisyan are former members of the prestigious Armenian State Dance Company. They are a husband and wife team dedicated to teaching traditional Armenian dances as well as choreographing new pieces to increase and enrich the repertoire. ?They are inspiring to work with and instil into the members a love of Armenian dance, music and cultural traditions.? Book Now Saturday 1 October 2022, 6.00pm - Free with ticket

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