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Dan Whitehouse and Max ZT

Brooklyn?s celebrated hammered dulcimer player Max ZT (House of Waters), and Black Country/Tokyo?s dark, sophisticated gem ? singer/songwriter/poet Dan Whitehouse ? bring interwoven spoken word with music and song, drawing on a shared belief in the healing power of music, and from multi-cultural roots and the magic of the present moment.?? On their second live tour together. the two stand-out musicians feed off each other?s unique creativity to present a stunning debut collaborative album, ?Ten Steps? ? recorded partly remotely between New York City and Tokyo and completed with improvisations captured at their live gigs in 2021. They also bring pieces from their most recent solo projects: Dan with ?Reflections On The Glass Age? and Max with ?Daybreak?. ?A compelling and innovative sound? ArtsCulture Mag? ? Image Credit: Pete Millson

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