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Fleetmac Wood - Night Wonders Disco


Celebrating a decade of their cult remix project, Fleetmac Wood, DJs Roxanne Roll and Alex Oxley present Night Wonders Disco. Not a tribute, but a rave and AV show that reworks the classic-rock sound of Fleetwood Mac into a spectrum of electronic genres. With a curated and created assortment of remixes and edits of the hits and plenty of deep-cuts ready for the chiffon-filled dance floor. This is a tunnel-visioned, all-night journey.

A ceremonious dance party and remix journey, where the mystery of Fleetwood Mac's extensive back catalogue twirls under the mirrorball, all night long. The woods are indeed lovely, dark and deep and we have miles to go before we sleep. If you don’t like Fleetwood Mac, Stand Back, Stand Back.

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