Manchester political publisher Fly on the Wall Press showcases their northern poets, with performances by Tina Tamsho-Thomas, Jiye Lee, Sundra Lawrence, Rachel Bower and Lucy Hurst. Presented by Manchester Poetry Library.

Tina Tamsho-Thomas

Tina Tamsho-Thomas is the founder of Theatre of Colour and an acclaimed published writer, poet and spoken word performance artist. She is also a BBC trained radio producer, human rights ambassador and arts consultantShe has been commissioned by the likes of the V&A Museum, Manchester International Festival and the University of Malawi.

Sundra Lawrence

Sundra Lawrence was born and resides in north London. She is of Sri Lankan Tamil heritage. Her work often interweaves themes of migration, and conflict and does so with empathy and a deftness of touch. She has performed her work across the UK and internationally. Her poetry and short stories have featured on national television, radio, podcasts, and art exhibitions. She teaches creative writing, and is a creative consultant for the London Literature Lounge. She is a Malika’s Poetry Kitchen Alumni.

Lucy Hurst has a Creative Writing Masters from York St John University. Pain and disability are at the heart of Lucy Hurst’s work, aiming both to carve out a space for disability in poetry, and explore the limits of the body. Using a combination of appropriated medical terminology and an un-capitalised free-verse form, pamphlet ‘Modern Medicine’ considers illness and its social implications, introducing a bold and propulsive new voice in poetry.

Rachel Bower

Rachel Bower is an award-winning writer based in Sheffield. She is the author of Moon Milk (Valley Press) and Epistolarity and World Literature (Palgrave Macmillan). Her poetry has been published widely in journals and magazines, including Magma, The London Magazine, Frontier, New Welsh Review and Stand. Her work has been commissioned by a range of organisations including BBC Radio (National Poetry Day), Collections in Verse (Poet in the City/ The British Library), Barnsley Museums and Apples and Snakes North.