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Gypsy Jam


Join musicians Richard O’Neill and Juice Vamosi for a series of live music sessions exploring the rich lyrical and performance traditions of the Roma and Romani Gypsy cultures, to which Richard and Juice belong.

Gypsy Jam sessions are part of a large-scale partnership between the Coliseum and Roma-led charity KaskoSan, which aims to support Roma people in Oldham and provide a platform for new Gypsy, Roma and Traveller talent.

Richard O’Neill is a multi-award-winning storyteller, author and playwright born and raised in a large traditional nomadic Romani family, whose history in England and Scotland goes back hundreds of years. Richard continues the tradition of travelling across the UK and mainland Europe, delivering storytelling sessions and storytelling skills workshops at schools, libraries, festivals, universities and theatres. He has a particular interest in using literature to promote inclusion and social mobility.

Juice Vamosi is a community worker, translator and journalist. He grew up in a poor Roma (Gypsy) community in Southern Hungary. He was the first of his family to graduate from high school, and the first in his community to earn a university degree. In 2010, he built the KaskoSan social network which became the first global Roma brand. In Hungary, he promoted Kis Grofo, a young Roma talent, to become the highest paid musical entertainer in the country.

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