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Lucy Hale Day of Music Disability and Technology:…

As part of the RNCM?s first ever Disability Awareness Week and in collaboration with Drake Music, we?re delighted to present a day of events focused around disability and music technology, in dedication to the late composer and disability advocate Lucy Hale who studied at the College. The day spotlights the work of disabled, d/Deaf and neurodivergent artists in the UK who use technology in innovative ways, and whose unique practices are driven by their differences, instead of conforming to non-disabled traditions. From Kris Halpin?s MiMu gloves, Clare Johnston?s iPad, Louis Palfrey?s Makey Makey Kits and Sonia Allori?s Electronic Wind Instrument, each artist and event provide new insight into technology, music and disability.? All events are free to attend and are as accessible as possible.? Megan Steinberg curator of Lucy Hale Day of Music, Disability and Technology? This event is made possible by NWCDTP who are supporting Megan Steinberg?s Lucy Hale Doctoral Award, a Composition PhD in association with Drake Music exploring and widening accessibility in music.? Schedule: 11.30am ? 12pm / Carole Nash Recital Room ?Welcome? 12pm ? 1pm / Carole Nash Recital Room Workshop with Louis Palfrey Louis Palfrey is an award-winning Autistic composer, producer and educator based in Margate who works with music technology to create distinct sound worlds that tell a story. Louis will run a workshop on using simple graphic notation and conductive interfaces to create a playable graphic score.? 2pm ? 3pm / RNCM Concert Hall Performance 1: Kris Halpin ? Dyskinetic Artist Kris Halpin explores and amplifies the intersection between music & disability with his one-man music and contemporary art performance project Dyskinetic. Kris?s performance utilises the MiMu Gloves, a ground-breaking wearable instrument devised by Grammy Award-winning artist Imogen Heap. With the support of Drake Music, Kris repurposes this tech to create an instrument that learns and shapes around the wearer?s physical barriers to create meaningful musical choices.? 3.15pm ? 4.15pm / Carole Nash Recital Room Talk? 4.30pm ? 5.30pm / RNCM Concert Hall Performance 2: Clare Johnston Clare Johnston is a disabled-identifying performer, composer, teacher, and a music technology experimenter. As an Associate Musician with Drake Music Scotland, Clare writes mostly for iPad using the ThumbJam app, performing her own compositions. Her performances involve a wide variety of technology instruments used by Drake Music Scotland to make music performances accessible.? 5.45pm ? 6.15pm / Carole Nash Recital Room Film Screening ? Forward: This is happening + Q&A This short film, by Zakiya Leeming, documents the process of making Megan Steinberg?s new piece This is happening, which premi?res in the evening concert. Working with flautist Kathryn Williams and EWI performer Sonia Allori, the three musicians figure out how to make the composition process accessible.? 8pm ? 9pm / RNCM Concert Hall Evening Concert? The day culminates in a concert of world premi?res from artistic partnerships between PRiSM and Drake Music.?? Programme to include: New works by Bofan Ma, Megan Steinberg and Oliver Vibrans.?? Performers to include: Kathryn Williams flute Sonia Allori electronic wind instrument Tilly Chester viola Sarah Fisher piano/percussion Photo credit: Roscoe Rutter Tickets: Day ticket (access to all events throughout the day, including the Evening Concert): Free admission, ticket required (limited availability)? Evening Concert ticket only Free admission, ticket required? Book Now Friday 3 February 2023, 11.30am - Free with ticket

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