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Maixabel (12A)


Part of: ¡Viva! 28th Spanish & Latin American Festival

In the year 2000, Maixabel‘s husband, the Basque politician Juan María Jaúregui, was killed by ETA. 11 years later, she receives an incredible request via the restorative justice Nanclares Way initiative: to meet with Ibon, one of the men who killed Juan. Ibon’s bid to engage in dialogue is extremely controversial amongst those on both sides; but despite her reservations and her immense pain, Maixabel agrees to meet because, in her words, ‘everyone deserves a second chance’. Based on real events, with an all-star cast and crew, the film boasts a soundtrack by top Spanish composer Alberto Iglesias. A powerful tale of repentance and reconciliation, with a hopeful message that national and personal trauma can heal.

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