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Mis hermanos sueñan despiertos (12A)


Part of: ¡Viva! 28th Spanish & Latin American Festival. 

This second feature from Mapuche director Claudia Huaiquimilla (Mala junta, ¡Viva! 2018) focuses on Ángel and his younger brother Franco, who have been incarcerated in a juvenile prison for a year awaiting trial. Languishing deep in the hills of southern Chile, the boys dream of freedom; meanwhile, they develop a solid group of friends and alliances on the inside, and eagerly look forward to their grandparents’ visits. Sadly, mental health and physical wellbeing are precarious in the Youth Detention Centre, and, despite valiant efforts by some staff, conditions are poor and prospects are bleak for these forgotten youngsters. However, humour, love and the bonds of brotherhood can still be found in the least expected places.

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