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Quatuor Danel + Michel Lethiec


With Michel Lethiec, Clarinet.

The French string quartet - who have been "Quartet in Residence" at the University of Manchester since 2005 - are joined by eminent French clarinettist Michel Lethiec in two UK premiere quintets by Thierry Muller, director of the Nice Conservatoire, and Czech composer and world-music enthusiast Kryštof Mařatka.

They end the night with Brahms, who was was even more awed by the prospect of writing string quartets than he was by symphonies, reportedly composing and destroying 20 of them before he was happy to release two for publication, in 1873. More lyrical than its C minor companion, the A minor ends with a spirited csárdás.

Thierry Muller       - Clarinet Quintet (UK Premiere), with Michel Lethiec.

Kryštof Mařatka    - Clarinet Quintet ‘Arboretum of Time’, with Michel Lethiec (UK Premiere).

Brahms                - String Quartet No. 2, in A minor, Op.51, No. 2.

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