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RNCM Research Forum - Mary Stakelum

Our new series of Research Forums will be livestreamed from the RNCM YouTube channel. The audience has the opportunity to hear presentations from academics, performers and composers, and to engage in the exchange of ideas that follows. Talks usually last about an hour, including a Q&A session. Join us in person or watch this session livestreamed. In my presentation I call for a re-imagining of music education research, where the boundaries of ?musical worlds? are expanded to take into account that what happens in the world shapes, and is shaped by, human experience of a sense of place, and of belonging. I begin with an outline of the interdisciplinarity nature of my research which combines historical, socio-cultural and ethnographic approaches to exploring musicality, imagination and creativity in the young musician, and to interrogating the relationship between tradition and innovation in contemporary arts practices. From there I draw on my most recent work?(Stakelum, 2022) to suggest that an expertise paradigm based on presentational performance and mastery of skills provides only a partial account of [children?s] musical worlds. I point to a burgeoning interest in a philosophy of ?being and becoming? in music education research, and conclude by proposing that this new materialist posthuman perspective offers researchers in music education possibilities for divining networks of interdependent relationships involving people, sound and environment. Free admission, no ticket required.? FREE Wednesday 8 March 2023, 4.15pm

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