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Secret Affair 'So Cool' Tour

SECRET AFFAIR ?So Cool? Tour + special guests: SQUIRE Secret Affair released their debut single ?Time For Action? in 1979 (the first of three UK Top 40 hits) along with ?Let Your Heart Dance?, ?My World?, and ?Sound Of Confusion?. They became one of the biggest groups of the Mod Revival selling out venues around the UK and releasing the essential LP?s ?Glory Boys?, ?Behind Closed Doors? and ?Business As Usual' ?So Cool? is a 2CD thirty-four song anthology from their very first recordings at the historic ?Mods Mayday? event in May ?79 up to their anthemic 2016 take on Frank Wilson?s soul classic ?Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)? curated by Acid Jazz Records? founder Eddie Piller. Squire were one of the original Mod Revival bands who released two singles on Secret Affair?s I-Spy record label ?Walking Down The Kings Road? and ?The Face of Youth Today?. Fronted by vocalist/guitarist Anthony Meynell, Squire continued to release melodic 60?s influenced music including the incredible 1983 ??Get Smart? LP. An AGMP presentation.

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