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Textures: Ana Roxanne + Meitei

A forward-thinking seated adventure with two modern pioneers of ambient and experimental sounds. Ana Roxanne works at the intersection of electric meditation, dream pop and ambient songcraft. With influences spanning both the secular (80s and 90s R&B divas) and the spiritual (the Catholic choral traditions of her youth), Ana synthesizes it all into a unique sonic language ? equal parts atmospheric and ancient, healing and hermetic. Her self-released EP in 2019 was swiftly followed by a debut LP Because of a Flower, regarded as one of the finest ambient albums of the year by the likes of Pitchfork and Guardian. Ever since his first album, 2018?s ?Kwaidan? - one of the year?s ?Best Experimental Albums?, Meitei?s intention has remained the same: he wants to tell the story of Japan?s ?lost mood?. Like the ambient soothsayer he is, schooled in the art of the 808s and other modern technical processes, his music is addictive - drawing you in so delicately and emotionally that you immediately fall under its spell. Prepare for a musical odyssey indebted to East Asian instrumentation and Japanese history.

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