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The Not So Ugly Sisters


You’ve heard the fairytale, now here’s the whole hair-raising truth!

Dolly rests on her broom counting the passers-by outside the salon window, whilst her sister Barb watches the phone that never rings. It’s the morning of Cindy and Prince Smarming’s big royal wedding - but Dolly and Barb are not invited! But hell hath no fury like a hairdresser scorned! 

A brand new musical re-telling of Cinderella from the perspective of the ‘Not So’ Ugly Sisters, reimagined for the stage in this magical adventure for the whole family by Wrongsemble.

Wrongsemble are a Yorkshire based theatre company famed for creating fantastic family theatre for all ages, packed full of original music, puppetry, magic and adventure. The Not So Ugly Sisters promises to be a theatrical treat not to be missed!

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The Not So Ugly Sisters ON TOUR

Our review on The Not So Ugly Sisters

The Not So Ugly Sisters - Waterside, Sale - Thursday 25th November 2021 by Abigail Holden

Our Rating

The lay out is perfect, with the sets showing different seasons, as well as scenarios. I really enjoyed walking through the exhibit, reminiscing about when I had watched the show, religiously. It was such a lovely experience to share with both my mum and niece… They both enjoyed it.

Second of all, we were treated to the performance of The Not So Ugly Sisters, brought to Waterside by a co-production between Leeds Playhouse, Red Ladder and Wrongsemble. We were not disappointed. This re-telling of the classic story of Cinderella, from the point of view of her sisters, is amazing, and is done with only two actors! Lucy Rafton plays Barb, the down-to-earth and realistic sister of the two we see, whilst Daisy Ann Fletcher plays the eldest sister, Dolly, who is a little bit ditsy but has a deep love for her two sisters. The action is set in the sisters’ hair salon and covers what has happened to get them to the point we meet them at, before carrying on with the story.

The story is captivating and the two girls don’t need anyone else to make the audience laugh, smile and feel sympathy towards their characters, with the addition of other character imitations along the way. Fletcher’s imitation of Prince Charming, for example, is hilarious, with the use of a comb as a moustache and a smoulder that anyone would be jealous of. Everyone in the audience, children and adults alike were beside themselves with laughter. We see heartbreak (in the form of Barb’s story of the night they met the Prince at the ball - without giving too much away!) and joy. And happiness. It shows a love between two sisters that shows that they have each other, and that, no matter what the tabloids are pinning them as, they know the truth and they have each other, like from the song in the show - “U-G-L-Y, Call me ugly all you like. U-G-L-Y, We were born to stand and fight.”  Not only does it show the power of the sisters, it also inspires the audience to take on their message and use it for their own empowerment. They had the whole audience joining in. It was magical.

The use of song and dance, with both actors showing their beautiful vocals, also makes the show just that extra bit special. So, if you have the time, and fancy a christmas treat, then get yourselves down to Waterside! It won’t disappoint you, I promise. It is fantastic.

That's not everything the Waterside has to offer this Christmas... They have the Postman Pat exhibition, showing sets, characters, and even behind the scenes sketches from the original Postman Pat. This is a must see. The sets include old characters and new and even my Mum loved it (after having to watch it with me, when I was younger).

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