This February, we’re so excited to celebrate the music and lives of Queer icons of the past 50 years!

Expect to see renditions of music from legends from Chaka Khan, Prince, Madonna, Aretha Franklin to Kylie Minogue, Janelle Monae, Lizzo and LIL NAZ X.

The Untold Orchestra is a Manchester-based collaborative orchestra aiming to redefine the role of an orchestra in the 21st century. They seek to unite individuals and communities through innovative, socially-focused performance settings centred around an identifiable common ground.

Through an exploration of their lives or their most renowned albums, The Untold Orchestra look to give audiences deeper insights into musical icons, often creating an experience impossible to find anywhere else. Over the last hundred years there have been so many incredibly inspiring artists that have shaped musical, cultural and social history, and The Untold Orchestra are making efforts to build as many shows as possible to help share not just the music, but the messages that these artists promoted.

Founded on the belief that all art forms can be accessible to anyone, The Untold Orchestra collaborate with a wide array of musicians, artists, venues and communities to ensure that they reach new people in every project.