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Tubeway Days - The Gary Numan Live Experience 1979-1980


Tubeway Days are a full six member band tribute to Gary Numan and his iconic chart topping years that are held so fondly by his ever loyal fanbase. The show reflects this period of 1979 to 1980 perfectly with the images and sounds replicated so faithfully.

Already since it's relaunch with their new "Numan" frontman Tubeway Days are creating a huge impact with their impressive and authentic show to long time and new fans who never got to see Numan in his prime riding on the success of chart topping singles and albums.

The show mixes songs covered in Numan's 1979 and 1980 tours and is packed with all those early favourites including the forever classics in Cars, Are "Friends" Electric?, Down In The Park, We Are Glass and so many more. This is a show from the at the time new synthesizer, electronic period period not to be missed.

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