One thing Manchester-based Harrogate stand-up comedian, actor, theatre maker, writer (and anything else you’ll pay her for) Amy has always been sure of is that she wants to be a mother. She envisioned herself pregnant, in dungarees, doing yoga drinking a kale smoothy. The reality of constant nausea, exhaustion and midnight sausage rolls left her questioning, when does the glowing start?   

9 months of pre-natal anxiety and several stitches later, Amy fell in love with the tiny human she’d created. But with no sleep, a national lockdown and a crying baby that refused to feed Amy found herself disillusioned with the version of motherhood we see so often in the media.  

So, take an evening off from cleaning poo off your carpet or washing sick out of your hair to come have a laugh, a nice drink and watch Amy and other mums from across Manchester work out why all mothers haven’t been crowned queen of the world in this unfiltered portrayal of motherhood.