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Demi Nandhra: The Trauma Show


Demi Nandhra  - a neurodivergent artist and writer based in Birmingham who makes and curates both solo & collaborative performances, live art, and theatre with a focus on Mental Health - is obsessed with trauma, childhood trauma, naming it, analysing it, healing from it, and getting-on-stage-to-perform-it. That last one might be a trauma response but you can decide that.

Having entered her 30’s Demi expected to be more whole, more healed, to not still feel like a child. Because trauma lives in the body and the body keeps the score, and we all know what that means. Disclaimer: Demi doesn’t know what that means.

The Trauma Show explores the impacts of adverse childhoods, making a show and dance out of it, mourning our little selves, ‘therapise’ culture and how TikTok can heal us all.

“Have you ever trauma dumped? TikTok tells me this show might do that but don't worry we can just trauma bond”

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