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Akram Khan's Jungle Book Reimagined


In Akram Khan Dance Company’s magical new dance-theatre production, based on the original story of Rudyard Kipling’s much-loved family classic, the journey of Mowgli is retold through the eyes of a climate refugee.

In a near future world, a family is torn apart as they escape their homeland ravaged by the impact of climate change. Arriving alone in a deserted modern city, and with wild animals claiming the streets as their own, the child soon discovers unlikely allies in this strange new jungle.

Featuring an original score, ten international dancers and state-of-the-art animation and visuals, Jungle Book reimagined is a beautifully compelling and vital piece of storytelling about our intrinsic need to belong and bond with others, and placing the importance of connecting with and respecting our natural world at its heart.

Suitable for all generations of audiences, from aged 10 upwards, Jungle Book reimagined brings together a stellar creative team, transforming the stage into a magical world, diving into the myths of today.

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