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Dracula (12A)

Dracula (12A)

★★★★ "Of course, the impact of this 1958 hit has lessened over the decades, slipping from an X to a 12A and with original plot points now seeming like clichés-in-waiting after so many rehashed sequels. What does remain incredibly potent is Christopher Lee’s Drac - aristocratic host, sexual predator and fanged animal rolled into one." ~ Empire.


Dracula, or The Horror of Dracula as it was known in the USA, is seen by many as the film that consolidated Britain’s Hammer Film Production’s reputation as the ‘house of horror’.

Directed with an eye for detail by Terence Fisher and dripping in gothic atmosphere, the film offered Christopher Lee, a Rank charm school ‘graduate’, the role that he would become most associated with for the rest of his career: the suave and seductive Count Dracula. 


★★★★★ "Bram Stoker's terrifying vampire creation becomes a modern classic in the adept hands of the House of Hammer. The film was epoch-making in its impact, thanks to the fabulous gothic atmosphere, Terence Fisher's stylish direction and the fact that the undead tale was shot in gory colour for the first time." ~ Radio Times.

★★★★★ "A film that deserves recognition as one of this country's finest horror movies, a sexually charged Gothic nightmare featuring standout performances from Hammer stalwarts Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, who stars as vampire hunter Van Helsing." ~ BBC.

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