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Birmingham Royal Ballet - Don Quixote

Birmingham Royal Ballet - Don Quixote

Birmingham Royal Ballet’s Director Carlos Acosta promises entertainment for all ages when he brings an explosion of Spanish sunshine, spectacular dance and vivacious comedy to The Lowry.

In a new production created especially for Birmingham Royal Ballet, Don Quixote introduces us to Cervantes’ famous knight himself, lovers Kitri and Basilio, and a host of supporting characters. As the Don sets out on a quest to track down his true love, with his loyal friend and servant Sancho Panza at his side, he finds himself embroiled in an unlikely adventure of love and dreams.

Join us for the first UK performances of Acosta’s sparkling new 21st-century production of this 19th-century masterpiece.

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Birmingham Royal Ballet - Don Quixote ON TOUR

Our review on Birmingham Royal Ballet - Don Quixote

Birmingham Royal Ballet's Don Quixote - The Lowry, Salford - Friday 4th March 2022 by Amy Jackson

Our Rating

A visually breathtaking, uplifting show, perfect for an audience new to ballet.

This beautiful Spanish ballet has an authentic feel with the stunning set, 300 elaborate costumes and fabulous characterisation performed by a cast of 60 dancers.

The musical score was played beautifully by a live orchestra, accompanied by the use of castanets and Spanish guitar which added to the cultural atmosphere. The dancers brought depth to the musical accompaniment through their use of clicking, clapping and vocals. 

The large cast of very talented dancers were simply spectacular, embodying the Spanish flavour extremely well. We can certainly see why the director Carlos Acosta calls it ‘the sunshine ballet’.

The costume and set designer - Tim Hatley deserves recognition for his magical designs which elevated the overall performance to a whole new level. Don Quixote is a visual masterpiece of drama, elegance and escapism. 

The audience was filled with a range of all ages from young excited children eager to see their first ballet to retired couples looking for escapism. This was delivered by the director who kept the show light-hearted and entertaining throughout, with many comical moments and technically impressive skills. Unlike other ballet's Don Quixote does away with the princes and princesses and instead uses recognisable characters, making it perfect for a 21st century audience. 

We would give the show a strong 9.5/10… go and see it whilst you can!

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