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Less Than Kosher (18)


Less Than Kosher has been hailed as Shiva Baby meets A Star Is Born (with a sprinkle of The Jazz Singer, too), but as Jewish comedy goes, it truly is in a class of its own.

30-year-old Viv is a self-proclaimed Bad Jew who loves to get high, eat bacon and snack on Yom Kippur. Back at her parents’ basement with nothing to do but contemplate her once promising, now stalled music career, she reluctantly agrees to take a cantor job at her local shul.

Her stint at the synagogue soon proves to be her most adventurous phase yet: with an illicit affair with the rabbi’s married son and overnight TikTok success, Viv manages to maintain her reputation for being a lousy Jew while giving her parents some long overdue nachas.

Plus/ The short films Anatevka (Directed by Danielle Durchslag) and Ruben (Directed by Raphael Heslot) will screen before this film.

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