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A Festival of Korean Dance - Cheok

A Festival of Korean Dance - Cheok

Mysterious and virtuosic solos and groups connect and communicate in a rich and sensuous landscape of light, video, sound, and movement, creating new connections between humans: not building on logical precision, but rediscovering traditional Asian values.

Six exquisite dancers create delicate scenes where memories of ancient systems offer a key to the future.

Cheok is the traditional Asian standard of measurement, meaning ‘span of the hand.’ Resisting the uniformity of society, this personal and individual measurement is the guiding principle of renowned Korean Choreographer Ae-soon Ahn’s visually enticing reflection of the nature of precision.

Ae-soon AHN offers clear and flexible movements, sophisticated rhythms, and brilliant use of space.

Based on Korean traditions and her perspective on Eastern aesthetics, Ahn has been focusing on attempting diverse experiments and creations in contemporary dances. Serving as the Art Director at Ae-soon AHN Dance Company, Arko Arts Theater, and Korea National Contemporary Dance Company, Ahn has been presenting experimental choreographs in Bulssang, AlreadyNotYet, Zero One Dimension. She participated in Rencontres chorégraphiques Internationales de Bagnolet Seine-Saint-Denis in France for the first time as a Korean choreographer and was invited to and positively received at Chaillot National Theater in France and Liège Theater in Belgium.


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