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AC/DC UK + Dizzy Lizzy - AC/DC & Thin Lizzy Tributes

AC/DC UK + Dizzy Lizzy - AC/DC & Thin Lizzy Tributes
A tribute to two classic rock giants.
AC/DC UK are Europe’s most explosive tribute to AC/DC and have established themselves as one of the globe's forerunners in the tribute scene, not only emulating the genuine article at their most successful, but accurately chronicling their entire career. The band rock classics from the full AC/DC catalogue, from 1976’s High Voltage onwards; you'll hear all the hits.
Dizzy Lizzy are the most fantastic live tribute act dedicated to one of rock’s all time legends - Phil Lynott. A long established tribute to Thin Lizzy, their sound and setlist faithfully recreate that trademark Lizzy sound. Philomena Lynott has stated that Dizzy Lizzy are 'the closest to playing my son's music' - a sentiment that has rippled throughout the years. They have an amazing sound and resemblance to the classic 70s & 80s rock band and will take you back in time to relive that magical era with a superb blend of classic foot stomping rock anthems and rock ballads.

AC/DC UK + Dizzy Lizzy - AC/DC & Thin Lizzy Tributes Tickets

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