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Adam Frost

Adam Frost

Award-winning British garden designer and BBC Gardeners’ World presenter, Adam Frost, is leaving the garden and heading back out on tour!

In his most personal show to date, Adam will discuss the plants that have shaped his life and reflect on what’s brought him to where he is now. He’ll unearth the inspiration he’s found through a life in the garden, the people he’s met along the way, the music that’s steered his course and why he identifies as an ‘old romantic fool’.

Adam will share previously untold stories of how his passion for plants has taken him around the world and challenged him with unexpected experiences – from curating a garden in Japan during a monsoon to meeting heroes.

Closer to home, gardening is fundamental to Adam’s sense of family, wellbeing and recovery.

In September 2021, he found himself grappling with the mental scars of the pandemic and facing a momentous house (or more importantly, garden) move. He’ll talk about navigating that change and reconnecting with nature.

Adam will also explore the creative act of putting a garden together and how he’s had to learn to embrace his artistic side.

Don’t miss your chance to hear Adam’s amusing anecdotes and poignant reflections, and to immerse yourself not just in gardening, but in human nature itself and the madness of it all.

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