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Andy and the Oddsocks

Andy and the Oddsocks

What a rollercoaster ride it’s been for Andy and the Odd Socks. It seems like only yesterday that the idea for the band came to CBeebies superstar Andy Day in a dream, but in the short time since, they’ve played Glastonbury and gone way beyond Andy’s wildest dreams... which are pretty wild dreams.

The sky’s not nearly the limit for Andy and the Odd Socks, who have been touted as a modern day Monkees, and now have their own TV show on BBC iPlayer. Andy and the Band is filmed mainly on the road, watching the band tackling odd jobs and saving the day, as they tour the country spreading the Odd Socks word. It’s The A-Team meets Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, but with a better soundtrack.

Their Odd Socks Day with the Anti-Bullying Alliance has also proved a huge success since 2017, with over 15,000 schools taking part last year.

They are without doubt, the greatest sock’n’roll band in the world.


Andy and the Oddsocks ON TOUR

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