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Autosuggestion + Pop Vulture


A Hull born, 4 piece post-punk outfit, debuting in 2019. Autosuggestion produce a captivating, energetic sound that belies their age with calculated lyricism and pummeling instrumentation.


Beginning in the noise-rock scene in Leeds, UK, Pop Vulture took their influences from the dissonance of the no-wave movement and unconventionality of post-punk and draped them them over more tightly-wound grooves. All of this simmers away underneath a monotonous stream of consciousness based around themes of mental health and the relentlessness of living. 
 “The sound is halting, off-kilter, twisted. The vocals are spoken, dead-pan. The feel is bleak. That is until it bursts unexpectedly into sweet pop; the grooviest drumming, tuneful keys with the sound of jazz.”

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