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Avant Garde Dance - Illegal Dance


Director and choreographer Tony Adigun’s Illegal Dance is a unique multi-sensory dance theatre experience in which every audience member must decide where they stand, pick a token, rebel or conform and the six dancers on stage become 60 through the magic of real-time kaleidoscopic video technology.
Exploring a future where artistic expression is forbidden by oppressive regimes around the world. Dynamic contemporary choreography blended with innovative technical stagecraft portrays the tensions in a society that pits order against chaos, security against freedom, and individualism against collective will.
Collect your wireless headphones on arrival and join the preshow silent disco, a carefully curated mix of dance-inspiring anthems for all ages. In this show like no other, you, the audience, decide which of the two 3D audio soundtracks accompany your version of events; enjoy the original and rich sound score or opt for the B-side, layered with insights into the secret thoughts and narrative of the show's distinctive characters. Switch sound scores anytime during the show at the click of a button.

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