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A "hilarious, honest and raw" exploration of an authentic Bisexual experience, taking inspiration from personal experiences and expanding to the wider LGBTQ+ narrative, BI-TOPIA sheds a very timely spotlight on the Bisexual experience and reveals real struggles with mental health and the therapy process, whilst also offering a platform to discuss maleness and societal perceptions of masculinity in a broader sense.  

BI-TOPIA depicts a world in war-time ruins, an LGBTQ+ life scattered across the stage and bravely delves into the under-represented links between battling with poor mental health and dealing with one’s sexuality.  

BI-TOPIA is a semi-autobiographical and candid show from Sam Danson in association with Emmerson & Ward Productions that challenges societal norms. Both cathartic and bombastic, it drags you into the war-room when the enemies are all around, where the levels of anxiety are explosive, shame is coming in from the west flank and gay thoughts are sailing in from the east... This is war!  


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