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Bladee first started gaining notoriety in 2013 for his self-released, emotionally charged take on rap; growing up in Stockholm and thus completely detached from any sort of rap tradition, he was left to invent a new one - patching together his disparate internet influences with his vibrant imagination, creating a new wave of uncanny and immensely influential, highly unclassifiable type of music - by himself of together with the Drain Gang crew (consisting of Thaiboy Digital, Ecco2k and producer Whitearmor).

Providing a genrebending blueprint for the next wave of online based, heliophobic artists to follow, his worldbuilding — a mixture of both aspiration and real life — is part of what makes Bladee’s music unique, bringing out a wide spectrum of emotion between slow burning, susceptible ballads and highly charged pop hybrids, usually steered by the progressive instrumentals from his go-to producers Whitearmor, Yung Sherman, Gud and Ripsquad.

Bladee is notoriously enigmatic; his lyrics are abstract, his visuals cryptic, and yet he is perhaps best described as an artist that find happiness by just to putting out a certain, peculiar energy - always attached to the idea of creating something truly beautiful, to follow his inner light and to constantly evolve.

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