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Brick by Brick: Architectures of Potential


An exhibition about the history of architecture and the future of accessible, inclusive, environmental design at the Portico Library.

How did you feel the first time you entered the Portico Library? One of the oldest buildings in Manchester, some people have told us that it’s like a refuge or a haven, safe from the commotion of the city. Some have said that its columns and grand bookcases can feel severe and intimidating, recalling old-fashioned ideas about who belongs where.

The Library has begun an ambitious development process to share its heritage and collection with all of the city’s residents and visitors. 

Exhibited illustrations from the Library’s 200-year-old book collection, and the library itself, bring to mind how the spaces we inhabit often represent the interests of those who built them, yet continue to affect our lives and behaviour today.

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The Portico Library

Thu 9 Feb 2023 - Mon 13 Mar 2023


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