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Cosgrove Hall Films Archive - Scene on Screen


This new exhibition from the Cosgrove Hall Films Archive explores animated worlds, sharing recent acquisitions to the archive, including original design drawings and concept artwork from The BFG, Count Duckula and Fool of the World and the Flying Ship.

The show also features props and set pieces from stop motion favourites such as Postman Pat.

Within animation, a location could feature for a split second and yet designers, writers and art directors work tirelessly before production begins, laying out, developing back stories and building out whole worlds to accompany and rationalise design decisions.

This is a practical tool to stage and frame their shots, but it also creates more convincing stories for audiences to get lost in.

Animated worlds are an escape and these story worlds are the stage for the performances to play out.


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Mon 11 Dec 2023 - Sat 6 Jan 2024


Cosgrove Hall Films Archive - Scene on Screen ON TOUR

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