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Dead Kennedys

Dead Kennedys

Formed in 1978, seminal San Francisco punk band The Dead Kennedys merged revolutionary politics with hardcore punk music and, in the process, became one of the defining hardcore bands often more notable for their politics than their music.

The Kennedys were more inspired by British punk and the fiery, revolutionary-implied politics of the Sex Pistols than the artier tendencies of New York punk rockers. The Dead Kennedys became the most political and - to the eyes of many observers, including Christians and right-wing politicians - the most dangerous band in hardcore.

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Dead Kennedys ON TOUR

Our review on Dead Kennedys

Let It Be - Opera House, Manchester - Monday 22nd October 2018 by Leslie Warren

Our Rating

Well this show does exactly what is says it’s going to do!

It is crammed from beginning to end with the Beatles hits. In our opinion, it is a toe tapping triumph.

The cast of Emanuele  Angeletti as Paul McCartney, John Brosnan as George Harrison, Ben Cullingworth as Ringo Starr and Michael Gagliano and John Lennon were a fitting tribute to the Beatles – not as good of course but a very good representation.

The evening opened with a cracking running order of "She Loves You", I Wanna Hold Your Hand" and "All My Loving". The audience was instantly transported to Beatlemania time as everybody broke into song.  

By "Twist and Shout" a few moments later, many people were up dancing and the whole feel was as the show had intended, watching a tribute band rather than a theatre production.

As Beatles fans we were happy with the creative team’s choice of songs and order. There were a few touching moments that calmed down the high energy songs before having everybody back up on their feet again a few moments later.

The changes in costume reflected the different musical eras the Beatles went through from their grey suits to their Sgt Peppers colourful outfits, complete with the moustache of course.

Their vocals were great with only one or two little wobbles in the entire evening. However, the only negative in the evening was their accents. When they were singing it was believable until they spoke! They really need to work on this – especially Bronsnan and Cullingworth. Every time they spoke, which luckily wasn’t too much, it grated a little. Once they began the next song it was forgotten as we joined back in with the singing but it did detract from the overall authenticity of the show.

The second half of the show rattled along with more great songs, singing and dancing from all. The lighting and back drops were simple but effective and who needs more when the focus is on reliving moments of this amazing band that appealed to so many.

It was a thoroughly entertaining show with lots of opportunities for singing and dancing along the trip down memory lane.  

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