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FIt For An Autopsy + Sylosis

FIt For An Autopsy + Sylosis

New Jersey deathcore band Fit For an Autopsy are known for their mix of extreme metal and hardcore elements, cementing their place in the metal scene with a relentless aggression, technical prowess and socially conscious lyrics.

Their music delves into dark themes such as mortality, environmental issues and societal decay.

Sylosis is a British metal band that combines thrash metal with melodic and technical elements, demonstrating an ability to create both aggressive and thoughtful music, earning them recognition and respect among modern metal fans.

Darkest Hour is an American metal band formed in 1995 in Washington, D.C. They are known for their mix of melodic death metal and hardcore punk.

Heriot is a metal band from Scotland, formed in 2018. They quickly gained attention with their aggressive and energetic style of music, which fuses elements from death metal, hardcore and metalcore.

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