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Foul Play Live: Malice in Wonderland


Part mystery, part scavenger hunt and treasure trail, this interactive event from After Dark Murder Mystery Events is fun for the whole family. Just make sure you don’t lose your head whilst you seek out the solution.

The Knave of hearts stole the tarts, but it looks like he had an accomplice. Alice needs your help to find the pastry pilfering perpetrator.

Join Wonderland’s wacky inhabitants at Bury Transport Museum as they try to uncover who committed the crime. You’ll need to hunt amongst the exhibits and artefacts of the museum to find characters and clues and complete crazy quests to discover the truth.

Maybe you will need to find riddles to match answers, help the Hatter pick the hats that matter and make sure the White Rabbit is in time for his very important date. You might even need to intervene in a curious game of chess with the Queen of Hearts.

Please note: trains will not be running – this is an event held exclusively at the Bury Transport Museum.


Foul Play Live: Malice in Wonderland ON TOUR

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