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Gail Porter


Following 31 sold out shows at The Edinburgh Fringe, the Scottish TV presenter is now taking her hilarious debut stand up show on tour.

"Has anyone here been sectioned?" Gail jokily asks her audience. Famed for her vibrancy as well as mental health struggles, she has turned to comedy to take control of her own story.

Gail can laugh at her life now she's won a BAFTA for "being mental" (Being Gail Porter, 2020).

She's been famous, homeless and sectioned with two guys both claiming to be Jesus.

She's even lost her hair, but no need for sympathy, she gets so many travel upgrades as people assume she's dying.

By sharing the stories of her mental life and mental mind she hopes to show how, with love and kindness, we can all thrive.

 She's a wee Scottish ninja and it's time to go Gail force!

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