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Galleries Relaxed Hour

We welcome all visitors during our Relaxed Hour in the Lowry Galleries, this is an hour for individuals and families with access requirements who would prefer to experience our Galleries in a calmer and less busy environment.On the day there will be: Exhibition spaces to look at and make art. A Quiet Space to relax in with a comfy sofa, large sensory balls to bounce, toys and books.? The Carole Nash Lookout, a space to play and create or enjoy lunch or a snack. There will be reduced sound across the building so the Galleries are as quiet as possible. Ear defenders will be available from the Galleries Welcome Desk. Capacity will be limited. In the Galleries there is no food or drink allowed however you?re welcome to eat your own food in The Carole Nash Lookout or alternatively our Pier Eight restaurant will be open (Menu Attached) ?Getting here:???How to Get Here | Information | The LowryAccessibility | Information | The Lowry?If you wish to contact us regarding any access requirements or share your feedback, please e-mail:?

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The Lowry

Sun 11 Jun 2023 - Sun 17 Dec 2023


Galleries Relaxed Hour ON TOUR

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