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Garry Starr - Monkeys Everywhere

Garry Starr - Monkeys Everywhere

Join award-winning performer Damien Warren-Smith as he tries to find a calmer place to be amongst the madness of the monkey business that fills his mind in this show for all ages – but especially for those who can’t always keep their monkeys under control.

Monkeys Everywhere follows Damien’s mischievous, acclaimed alter ego Garry Starr as he endeavours to write, but is continually distracted by the monkeys that fly through his brain.

They pop in, drive through, swing past and start monkey parties - making it impossible for him to concentrate.

Garry loves his monkeys, they fuel his creativity, but he needs to focus. How will he ever control his monkey mind? Join Garry as he finds the best way for him to be in charge of his monkeys - instead of them controlling him.

Full of clowning, silliness, play and creativity,Monkeys Everywhere is a show with real heart and hopes to provide support to those who are struggling with their own monkey mind.

It would be bananas to miss it...


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