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Ginny Lemon & Sister Sister

Breakout stars of RuPaul?s Drag Race UK Season 2 (and the two most despised queens), Ginny Lemon & Sister Sister are trying to bring you the most disappointing drag show you've ever seen! They have both performed to sell-out audiences across the UK and made television appearances for BBC, ITV & Channel 4, including shows such as The X Factor, Joe Lycett?s Got Your Back, The Commonwealth Games & Celebrity Coach Trip.

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Our review on Ginny Lemon & Sister Sister

Rebus - Opera House, Manchester - Tuesday 30th October 2018 by Lindsay Harris

Our Rating

I am a fan of the Rebus books and have seen some of the TV series so I was keen to watch the stage play. It’s a little different from some of the shows we have seen recently but I love a good drama.

I was pleasantly surprised to see what a great Rebus Corrie’s Jim McDonald made, I think Charles Lawson should look at taking over the TV role, he captured the Rebus from the books really well and managed to show the torment that the haunted Rebus was under.

It was a good cast the ghostly girls played their parts well and Big Ger, John Stahl, brought a light heartedness to his gangster character that was actually likeable for someone that had caused so much damage.

I was a little disappointed with Cathy Tyson as I have liked her as an actress but I felt as though her lines were often a little over exaggerated but she did work well with Rebus.

A very simple dark set added to the mystery of the story and the story was one a mystery lover like me would enjoy, you see the characters go through the misery of being haunted by the past and the conflict they are suffering at trying to do what is right.

I was disappointed for the cast at the amount of empty seats so please if you like a drama or are a Rebus fan go and see it I’m sure you’ll love it. It’s the perfect haunting drama for this time of year.

Our review on Ginny Lemon & Sister Sister

Rebus - Opera House, Manchester - Tuesday 30th October 2018 by Neve Harris

Our Rating

When my mum first told me about Rebus, I was really excited. When we got to the theatre I thought the first scene was great, the actor Eleanor House (who played Heather and her mum Maggie) was amazing.

I really loved the storyline and the characters and as the play went on we meet John Stahl (who played Cafferty or ‘Big Ger’)  who played the character very well and Dani Heron (who played Angela’s ghost) was brilliant.

The set was simple but worked well with the play and didn’t distract from the drama.

I think the play was aimed for children 14 and over.

Charles Lawson who played the main character, John Rebus was great at playing his character and showing the hard times he was going through dealing with the unsolved murders and the fact that he was no longer a policeman.

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