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Gravest Fears - Two Ghost Stories by MR James


“Didn’t you see it? A thing like a man? Hair all over him? And two great eyes to it? You’re telling me you didn’t see that? Well you count yourself lucky, lad. You count yourself lucky…”

Cathedrals are seats of terror in these two thrilling tales by M.R. James, the master of the English ghost story. In The Stalls of Barchester Cathedral an ambitious cleric falls prey to an ancient curse built into the very fabric of the building he serves.

In An Episode of Cathedral History ill-advised restorations lead to the discovery of an ancient tomb. But what lies within? And is it only sleeping?

M.R. James’s wrote many of his best tales to read aloud to friends by candlelight in Kings College, Cambridge in the early 20th century; since early in the 21st, Robert Lloyd Parry of Nunkie Theatre Company has been keeping the flame lit.

"The perfect mix of humour, warmth, apprehension and profound unease. A most pleasing terror…" - The Sunday Times,

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