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Here (PG)

Here (PG)

★★★★ Lives change course after a chance encounter between a construction worker and an academic in Bas Devos’s microscopically detailed gem of a film. ~ The Guardian.


On the heels of Ghost Tropic (2019), Bas Devos offers another Brussels city symphony.

With a quiet grace that’s becoming a trademark, he and his team capture both the longing of contemporary urban life and the potential for enchantment that still exists in spaces shared by strangers from different worlds.

Here follows Stefan, a Romanian construction worker living in Brussels who is about to return home to visit his mother, and maybe stay...longer.

Using the leftovers from his fridge, he cooks up a big pot of soup and begins handing it out as farewell gifts to friends and family.

But while waiting for his car to be fixed, he meets Shuxiu, a Belgian-Chinese woman preparing a doctorate on mosses.

Her attention to the near-invisible stops him in his tracks.

French, Mandarin and Romanian



★★★★ A lyrical daydream for anyone who’s ever felt lonely in a city. ~ Little White Lies.

★★★★ The lovely, low-key film finds human connections through soup-making and the study of tiny, insignificant plants; Devos encouraging his audience to look at the city of Brussels with fresh eyes, to see the details that might otherwise be overlooked. ~ The Observer.

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