Hot Bodies Choir is a unique global project bringing together queer, trans and non-binary young people in cities around the world to develop revolutionary new queer texts and music.

Participants work together through collaborative writing and choral singing workshops with artist Gérald Kurdian to premiere new Hot Bodies Choir tracks at their live shows, and also perform material from other choirs around the world.

When preparing a live concert, the Hot Bodies Choir generate and develop new writing inspired by famous radical queer and feminist manifestos. These unique, polyphonic and unruly new manifestos form the basis of a choral score, musically arranged by Gérald Kurdian and performed live by all the participants in a sensational live electronic concert.

The Manchester Hot Bodies Choir was formed via an online version of the project in 2021, connecting isolated queer people in the North West during the Covid-19 lockdown. In May 2021 their first single OIL FORMING RAINBOWS was released by French label and collective Les Disques Du Lobby.