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Jane's Addiction

Jane's Addiction

Spun through a kaleidoscope of tightly wound riffs, hypnotic harmonies, booming beats, and an unmistakable howl, the music of alternative rock torchbearers Jane's Addiction is a distillation of electronic textures, bombastic rock, and crazed punk as demonstrated on UK Top 40 hits "Just Because" and "Been Caught Stealing".

The underground still heavily figures into the mythos surrounding the music. And it was that "underground" that spawned Jane's Addiction in the first place, back in 1988. They hail from the underbelly of Los Angeles, a carnival of freaks, hustlers, miscreants, and street corner visionaries of all kinds that lies below the glistening veneer of Hollywood's lights; a counter culture driven by escapism. Whether it's via carnal, mental, physical, chemical, or aural pleasures, the denizens of this quirky court thrive on escape. And it's from this underground that Jane's Addiction rose up, escaping out of it because of their unwillingness to compromise and adhere to the zeitgeist.

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