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January (12A)

January (12A)

Inspired by the eponymous play by Nobel Prize Nominee Yordan Radichkov and reinterpreted by acclaimed Bulgarian documentary filmmaker Andrey Paounov, January is the bold fiction debut from a director who has made his name by exploring the existential absurdities of the post-socialist state.

In the middle of nowhere, five men are stuck in a snowstorm. One has to cross the woods to reach town, but that’s madness during winter: the road is snowed over, the way is unclear and the wolves are hungry.

Still, early one morning, Petar Motorov harnesses his sleigh and heads to town. Nobody sees him leave, but the falling snow hasn’t fully erased his tracks. But when the sleigh returns, Motorov isn’t on it. Inside the men find only his fur coat, his shotgun, and the frozen carcass of a wolf. Where is Petar Motorov, and what has happened to him?

Five men caught in a limbo between life and death, past and present, communism and capitalism, known and unknown, here and there, try to resolve a mystery, which slowly devours them. 


Full English

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