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Lie With Me (15)


★★★✭ "The heartache of wasted time and missed love is a familiar arena in queer drama and while Lie With Me rets on classic tropes, it still makes for a moving reflection on adolescent love." ~ Little White Lies.

A moving meditation on the intoxicating force of first love, "Arrête avec tes mensonges" is a beautifully photographed and superbly acted adaptation of the best-selling novel drawn from author Philippe Besson’s own adolescent memories.

Successful novelist Stéphane Belcourt has returned to his hometown for the first time in decades. As a local celebrity, Stéphane has been invited to be the brand ambassador for its famous cognac distillery.

On arrival he is stunned to discover that one of the company’s executives is Lucas, the son of his teenage first love Thomas.

This triggers for Stéphane vivid memories of their passionate but secret adolescent affair at a time when homosexuality was kept in the shadows. As he processes the pain of the lost years and what might have been, Stéphane begins to repair the deep wounds of his youth, while Lucas begins to understand his father’s truth.


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