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Ligeti Quartet

The ?Ligeti ?Quartet ?have ?been ?at ?the ?forefront ?of ?modern ?and ?contemporary ?music since ?their ?formation ?in ?2010, ?breaking ?new ?ground ?through ?innovative ?programming ?and championing ?of ?today?s ?most ?exciting ?composers ?and ?artists. Having played at landmark venues around the world including Carnegie Hall, Curtis Institute, Wigmore Hall, Purcell Room, Barbican Hall, and Kings Place, they also regularly escape the stage, previous venues including museums, galleries, theatres, pubs,?an IMAX Theatre, a fishing boat, and a cave. Ligeti Quartet plays Anna Meredith?? Anna Meredith and Richard Jones (viola) have a long-standing collaboration,?having?both studied?at the University of York and Royal College of Music. This new album,?Nuc,?is the result of that collaboration?and promises 12 tracks of?joyful, occasionally furious, but never too serious music?which aims to defy the boundaries of classical music and speak directly to the audience.

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