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Long Weekend (15) + Between the Tides (U)

Long Weekend (15) + Between the Tides (U)

Flora and fauna take centre stage in this double bill curated by Mark Jenkin to celebrate the influences and inspirations behind his new feature, Enys Men. This pairing lifts the lid on the secret worlds beyond our rose-tinted visions of popular holiday destinations – from the bountiful and bizarre marine life of Cornwall, to the creatures hiding in the shadows of the sun-scorched Australian countryside.

Long Weekend (1978) - Director Colin Eggleston.


"The links to my film are pretty clear here: the insects, the birds, the rocks, the sea, the foreboding threat inherent in the natural world. Probably the closest we get to an ecosophical film in this season, Long Weekend nevertheless has just as much in common with Bait as it does Enys Men. I first saw this film 20 years ago and the message was clear and stayed with me: respect the locals!" – Mark Jenkin.

Between the Tides (1958) - Director Ralph Keene.

"A good excuse to draw attention to my favourite British Transport Film – an invitation to slow down and take a close look at the world just above and just below the surface. This Oscar-nominated short is a lovely example of giving significance to the seemingly insignificant simply by pointing a camera at it. If you look closely, you may catch a glimpse of the spectre of Enys Men, looming in the background." – Mark Jenkin

Beautifully photographed in glorious Technicolor by resident cameraman Ron Craigen, the film was awarded fifteen international film honours and was nominated for an Oscar.

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