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Luisa Omielan - God is a Woman: The Musical


Luisa Omielan is the most famous female British comedian you’ve never heard of. She is the first British Comedian to ever receive a BAFTA Breakthrough Award for comedy.

Luisa's had 3 ground-breaking hit shows. First, she asked "What Would Beyoncé Do?" (sell out across the UK and Australia, is what she would do!), then she asked "Am I Right Ladies?" and her thigh gap joke went viral with over 45 million views. Then she turned to Politics and got a show on the BBC titled "Politics for Bitches". So the next logical step was for Luisa to bring all of that spark to religion!

She can't sing and she can't read music but she has watched Sister Act 1 and 2 enough times to know a hit when she sees one.

"God is a Woman - The Musical" is her one woman experimental and fun piece that she's billing as the female Book of Mormon.

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