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Marconi Union


Marconi Union (LIVE AV) return to The Yard to perform tracks from recent new album Signals as well as selections from their highly acclaimed discography. Despite having released twelve albums in the last eighteen years the Manchester musicians continue to experiment and push boundaries.  

Following their 2019-released album Dead Air, the band set to writing Signals with a whole new swathe of influences: “We talked about what it'd be like to have drummers like Jaki Leibezeit or Tony Allen playing on our music. How would that affect how we wrote?”. Alongside other influences from Krautrock to Electronica, Signals enters exciting new territory. Fans will no doubt welcome the groups return to stage following a hiatus of three years.

Gordon Chapman-Fox was born in time to be a part of the last gasp of childhood to be enthralled by the space-race and spent his childhood re-enacting Star Wars to the sounds of Jean Michel Jarre. Gordon has been making electronic music since 2003 as Heskin Radiophonic and Dublock.

Gordon’s Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan project has seen 2 albums released to critical and popular acclaim under the much respected Castles In Space imprint. Norman Records put the Brutalist inspired ‘Interim Report 1979’ in their top ten of best albums released in 2021.

People & Industry: “Quite dark and ambient. Feels like a combination of Vangelis, Gelg/Look Around You (Peter Serfinowicz) with a big Boards of Canada influence and Scarfolk!  (Skiptonite)

Interim Report 1979: “Imagine that Pete Namlook was born in Widnes……An eerie, beautifully crafted vision of a future that never was. Can’t recommend this highly enough” (Kickingmachine)

Dark Fidelity Hi Fi is one of the Manchester undergrounds best kept secrets. The electronic wizard has a stunning back catalogue of releases under his belt that include a slew of albums under the Bricolage label.
When it comes to live performance, few can translate their studio sound to the live setting with such aplomb. Old school track structures hark back to the glory days of 90’s IDM but with a modern twist. Meticulous preparation of drum work and melodies create a labyrinth of sounds that cover ambient, glitch, jazz and much more. These are just parts of the Dark Fidelity Hi Fi puzzle that make a sonic experience like no other.

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