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Mark Peters (Engineers)


Wiganer Mark Peters is an esteemed musician, composer and producer held in especially high regard for his acclaimed solo work and his earlier releases with the timeless Engineers.

Despite being an understated and humble individual, his work is epic, thought-provoking and moving, taking the audience on an ambient, beautiful journey into a prolific and colourful mind.

This show is for lovers of guitar, soundscapes and epic score, Verve fans love Mark, artists want to collaborate with him and his shows stand out as incredibly well-considered and perfectly executed assaults on the senses.

From the uber-delicate to the bold, Mark envisages aspects of life through the lens of music visiting landscapes of old Western movies, exploring their links with the North West of England while touching on wider themes such as isolation, freedom and dementia sonically building on the palette of the previous record with instrumentation equally inspired by the ascendant ambient Americana movement and classic country-rock.

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