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Modelo 77 (15)


After the international success of Marshland released in 2014, Alberto Rodríguez, one of Spain’s most recognised film directors, presents "Prison 77", a passionately personal movie about the failures of society even as it transforms; a gripping tale of friendship, solidarity and freedom, inspired by true events.

Modelo Prison, Barcelona. General Franco has just died, and Spain is making an uneven but euphoric transition to democracy. Manuel is a young accountant facing an excessive 20-year sentence for embezzling the equivalent of 1,200 euros. Together with his taciturn cellmate Pino, he joins forces with COPEL, a collective fighting for prisoners’ rights and a post-dictatorship amnesty. A war for freedom breaks out that will bring the Spanish prison system to its knees. If things are changing outside, they’ll have to do the same inside.


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